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Skills for English tests are designed to be as straightforward to teach as they are to take, and we have collected together materials and resources to help Tutors to get test takers the result they hope for.


Get to know key elements about the tests

An essential guide giving detailed information about the structure and delivery of the tests and how they are assessed

Find out how easy it is to switch over to Skills for English with a helpful summary of the tests

Test Information Sheets for Teachers

Mark Schemes

Our mark schemes provide you with an overview of how Skills for English tests are marked.

Speaking Mark Schemes
Writing Mark Schemes

Annotated Responses

See some sample answers with feedback. These will help test takers understand how to structure their responses to help them with their Skills for English test

A1 Annotated Responses
A2 Annotated Responses
B1 Annotated Responses
B2 Annotated Responses
C1 Annotated Responses
C2 Annotated Responses

Qualification comparison table

Skills for English is mapped to the ‘Common European Framework of Reference for Languages’ (CEFR) so you can also see how it maps to other international English language qualifications.

* All Skills for English tests are mapped to CEFR levels. The information showing mapping of IELTS, TOEFL and PTE Academic is taken from their respective websites and is correct at the time of publication


Help your learners become test ready with these resources

Course Book Mapping

The material in these coursebooks have been mapped against the Skills for English tests to show you how each coursebook can be used to prepare for the tests and should not be used as our endorsement of these coursebooks.

Skills for English Mapping for On-Point by Delta Publishing
On-Point Beginners A1
On-Point Elementary A2
On-Point Pre-Intermediate B1
On-Point Intermediate B1 Plus
On-Point Upper Intermediate B2
On-Point Advanced C1

Skills for English Mapping for Speak Out 2nd Edition by Pearson
Speak-Out Starter A1
Speak-Out Intermediate B1
Speak-Out Upper Intermediate B2
Speak-Out AdvancedPlus C1

Skills for English Mapping for English File 4th Edition by Oxford University Press
English File Beginner A1
English File PreIntermediate B1
English File IntermediatePlus B2
English File Advanced C1

Skills for English Mapping for Cutting Edge by Pearson
Cutting Edge Intermediate (B1)

Skills for English Mapping for Headway by Oxford University Press
Headway Intermediate (B1)

Skills for English Mapping for Language Hub by Macmillan Education
Language Hub Intermediate (B1)

Skills for English Mapping for Outcomes by National Geographic Learning
Outcomes Intermediate (B1)

The Skills for English: SELT Grammar and Vocabulary

The Skills for English: SELT Grammar and Vocabulary lists are a new addition to the resources available for teachers and test takers preparing for the Skills for English: SELT tests. They cover the levels A1 to B2. Each document provides a list of likely grammatical points or vocabulary that may be used in the Skills for English tests at each level. They provide an indication of the kind of language that test takers should be comfortable with in order to be successful at their chosen level.

These documents can be used in a variety of ways:

  • For teachers: as a learning tool, they provide you with an indication of the kind of language that needs to be taught or that test takers need to have mastered at each level
  • For learners: as a checklist to ensure you are ready to take the test at your chosen level

These documents do NOT provide a definitive list and should be used to support learning and preparation activities. The Skills for English: SELT tests may contain other language suitable at each of the CEFR levels. For further information, you should refer to the CEFR for descriptions of language skills test takers at each level should be able to engage with.

Grammar Lists

Vocabulary Lists

A range of accessible tasks at all levels to support test preparation and skills development of your learners

Level by level, student and teacher versions of classroom worksheets

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Resources to help prepare test takers for success, which can also be used to develop your own understanding of the tests


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