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Then, when you feel you are almost fully prepared for your Skills for English, you can take specimen tests that mirror exactly the kind of test you will get on test day.

We now provide performance feedback at the end of the B1-C2 Listening & Reading practice tests, that give you an indication of how prepared you are to take the test at your current CEFR level. This feature is only available for levels B1 and above for Listening & Reading skills.

At the end of the B1-C2 Listening & Reading 2 practice test, the following feedback will be given on your performance.

  • If your result shows ‘Below level’: It is unlikely that you will pass the Skills for English test at this level. We recommend that you either try the test at a level below (where possible) or continue to practise your English skills before taking the Skills for English test at this level.
  • If your result shows ‘Close to level’: It is possible that you will pass the Skills for English test at this level, however, we recommend that you continue practising your English skills to give yourself the best possible chance of doing so.
  • If your result shows ‘Close to / At level’: You have a good chance of passing the Skills for English test at this level.

The provided feedback is aimed at helping you to be as successful as possible at your first test attempt, saving valuable time, money, and frustration of needing to re-test.

You can buy practice tests for any level of Skills for English from A1 to C1 through our publishing partner, GlobalELT.

Available with or without the Answer Key, the books are the perfect companion for self-study as well as teacher-led exam preparation courses.

The tests are also available online on a digital learning platform.

  • 10 practice tests at B1 and B2 levels
  • 5 practice tests at levels A1, A2, and C1
  • Available in print and as online practice

Practice B1 Listening for free online

Global ELT Skills for English: 5 Free B1 Listening Online Practice Tests and Answer Key

Our publishing partner Global ELT are now offering 5 full-length, free B1 Listening Skills for English online practice tests and answers on their digital learning platform.

Learners can access the 5 B1 Listening Tests and answers for free by visiting GlobalELT, clicking ‘Take this Course’, selecting ‘Students’, and applying the code: JM7NTD43. You will then be enrolled in the course at no cost!

Enroll in the course at no cost by applying the code: JM7NTD43. 

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