Skills For English

The test

SELT stands for Secure English Language Test and is the term used for all tests that are delivered under secure conditions such as the Skills for English language tests used for UK visa applications

UKVI stands for the UK Visa and Immigration Service. This is the department that deals with all UK visa applications

Different visa applications will need different levels of English. You must check what is the required level of English, e.g. A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2. You can then apply to take the relevant test to support your visa application

You can register a booking account on our booking portal at the following web address

Please click on “register” and follow the steps to create an account.

When the registration is complete, you will be sent an e-mail with a link to validate your details. When you have clicked the link, your account will be active for bookings.

You can make bookings only on-line in your booking account.
When you have logged in, click on “Book an assessment” and follow the steps. You will be asked to

  • Confirm if you have any test requirements
  • Select a test type
  • Select your country and enter the city you live in or your zip/postal code and search – You will then be presented with the 5 closest test centres to you
  • Select your preferred location
  • Select your preferred date – Pay attention to the colour coding on the test slot selection
  • Chose a test slot – the cost of the test is presented in the “Book Test” button
  • Confirm and pay for your booking
  • You will receive an e-mail with the booking details when it has been confirmed and paid for

The cost of you test depends on the test type you need and where you intend to take it – If you know what that is, please call our Candidate Services Team for further guidance.
Otherwise you will see the cost of the test when you have gone through the steps described on how to make a booking.

Our free preparation resources will help you become test ready.

Yes, a Skills for English: SELT pass at the appropriate level is valid for visa applications made from within the UK.  Visit the Home Office website for more information – www.gov.uk/guidance/prove-your-english-language-abilities-with-a-secure-english-language-test-selt 

Booking my test

Passport, Identity card of EEA nationals, UK issued Biometric Resident Permit (card), Travel Document issued by the United Nations or the Red Cross, Convention Travel Document, Stateless Person’s Travel Document. You MUST bring the ID you register with on the day of your test.

Yes, you can. The ID you present must be a Passport
Please note: Other National IDs will only be accepted in the country that they are issued

You can cancel your booking more than 5 days in advance of an existing booking. Your test fee will be automatically refunded. You can then re-book to a new date and time.

You can see a list of test centres in our global network on the Skills for English website here.

All the Skills for English tests are computer-based and are taken at an authorised test centre.

You can cancel your booking more than 5 days in advance of an existing booking. Your test fee will be automatically refunded. No refund is given for cancellations less that 5 days in advance.

  • To cancel you test, log into your account via our Candidate Account Portal. Your booking will be visible under the green ‘Confirmed Bookings’ tab
  • Click ‘view test’ to see all full test details
  • Click ‘Cancel Test’ button to cancel
  • You will receive an e-mail confirming your cancellation. If you are eligible for a refund, you will also receive a ‘credit note’ confirming the amount to be returned.

When you have logged in, click on “Book an assessment” and follow the steps. You will be asked to confirm if you have any test requirements

  • Click ‘yes’ then ‘continue’ – A webform for requesting special arrangements is presented.
  • Select one or more reasons for requesting a special arrangement.
  • Describe your condition, how it affects you and the assistance that you require in the text box.
  • Click ‘Continue’ This submits your request to a dedicated mailbox that is monitored by PSI.
  • We will be in touch with next steps.
  • Where special arrangements are agreed we will instruct you on how to then make your booking.

PSI will administer tests to minors for whom consent has been provided, at PSI authorised test centres. Before making a booking, please download and complete the Release Form for Testing Minors and The Emergency contact Form included in the Minors Testing Policy.

Please then send the documents to [email protected]. We will acknowledge receipt after which you can book your test. Please let us know where and when you will be testing so that we may be able to notify the test centre of your attendance.

Test day

You must arrive at the Test centre at least 15 mins before the test time

You will not be allowed to have your personal belonging with you at your desk while you take the Skills for English tests

How long you’re at a test centre will depend in the test type you are taking plus the time to allow for validation (at least 15 minutes) please refer to our table of test here for test durations.

You cannot leave the test room during Speaking and Listening tests. You can during your Reading and Writing test, but you will not be given extra time if you are away from your screen. Put your hand up to alert the test centre staff and they will hide your screen whilst you are away from your test workstation.

  • Your identity will be checked and verified against the ID you will have registered with.
  • A security check will be conducted visually and electronically using a handheld metal detector.
  • You must consent to us taking a photograph of you as part of the validation process.

Yes, you will be taking the Skills for English tests under exam conditions.

Test results

Your test result will be available to you in your booking portal. You can access them using the login details created when first registered. An alert will be sent you via e-mail with your Unique Reference Number (URN). You will be able to see your results under the ‘Results’ tab.

We aim to have your test results within 14 days of you taking your test. This will be within 28 days maximum.

No certificate is issued upon successful completion of the Skills for English Test. Result verification is paperless. Copy your Unique Reference Number (URN) into your application form. The Home Office will use this to locate your test details and verify your result.

Unique Reference Number (URN) is generated for each candidate for each test attempt. It will be the only evidence required by Home Office officials to identify candidate test details and verify results.

From the date your results are issued to you, this is valid for up to two (2) years

If you fail the Test and wish to retake the Test, you may book for another Test after receiving your previous Test result. However, we recommend you wait a minimum of twenty-eight (28) days to give you time to prepare for the new Test. Please be advised that no refund is applicable if you fail your Test.

Results can only be issued in a Pass or Fail format

Any candidate may appeal their overall result within 21 days of receiving the result. Candidates will have to pay for this review service of $130. However, if as an outcome of the review, the candidates result is changed from a Fail to a Pass, then the cost of the appeal will be refunded. Each appeal will be considered impartially and on an individual basis. This will involve a review of the marking and may include a remarking of the test. The decision to remark the candidate’s response will depend on the type of skill which has a “Fail” result and the outcome of an independent investigation by senior members of the Assessment Team. Candidate results may change as a result of an appeal from Fail to Pass or from Pass to Fail or may remain unchanged. A refund will be provided to the candidate only in the case of a result change. To request an appeal, contact [email protected]

My data / Privacy Policy

Our Skills for English are SELT – Secure English Language Test delivered in a high-stakes environment


To make a complaint, you can write to [email protected]. Before you do, please refer to the Skills for English Terms & Conditions and describe how your circumstances are an exception for us to consider.