Validating English Language Test Results

The security of English language testing and validation of results achieved is increasingly as important as the robustness of the exam itself. The days of watermarks and hologram security marks to provide this security are past us and the only acceptable form of result validation is an online one. 

How can we be sure that online results are valid? Online Verification Systems are the answer, with access provided by each English language assessment provider in this high-stakes sector to both test takers who have taken their exams with that provider and to the institutions who need to validate those results as genuine.

Here at PSI, our Skills for English test results are validated by our own Online Verification System (OVS), which provides you with the assurance that any Skills for English: SELT result is a genuine one. It’s also really simple to access and use – increasingly important with large numbers of applicants, all of whose results need validating.

The secure, online verification portal for candidates’ results in Skills for English: SELT can be reached via the following URL: All you need to do is type in the applicant’s unique reference number (URN) and their date of birth to access their results.  

The following information about the candidate and their test is available from the portal: candidate’s full name, candidate’s date of birth, date the test was taken, name of the test center, name of the test (i.e., which level they took), the overall result (pass/fail), date the result was issued, and a table giving a result breakdown by skill (with a percentage score and the pass/fail result).

Online Verification is an essential part of everything connected to English language assessment and, at PSI, we recognize that. If you would like any more information, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

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