Skills for English: SELT Approved by Central Admissions Office in Ireland, Extending Acceptance to 17 Universities

We’re pleased to announce that Skills for English: SELT has gained official acceptance from the Central Admissions Office in Ireland. This significant development means that all 17 prominent Irish universities now recognize Skills for English: SELT assessments as part of their admission criteria.

Among these universities are several well-regarded institutions. Notably, Trinity College Dublin, recognized as a leading global university, becomes one of the most prestigious institutions to adopt our assessments. Additionally, University College Dublin, known for its significant recruitment efforts, also joins the cohort of universities accepting Skills for English: SELT.

This achievement follows an extensive effort focused on comprehending the Irish acceptance landscape and successfully securing recognition. As a result, a larger pool of prospective students aiming for English-speaking universities gains access to our test, expanding their educational prospects.

Key Details to Note:

  • Minimum Entry Requirement: B2 Pass with Merit   
  • Relevant Entry Levels: Pre-degree courses (Higher or Advanced Certificates) and undergraduate courses (Ordinary or Honours Bachelor Degrees)


The Central Admissions Office’s criteria for EU/EFTA/UK applicants, outlining the recognition of Skills for English, can be found here (refer to page 11 for details).

The list of Irish Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) now accepting Skills for English: SELT includes Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, and many more, culminating in a total of 17 prestigious establishments.

This milestone reinforces the credibility and relevance of Skills for English: SELT, affirming our commitment to facilitating educational access and opportunities on a broader scale.

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