SELT for UK visas

What is a SELT?

A SELT test is a “Secure English Language Test” that is accepted by United Kingdom Visas and Immigration department as proof of English language proficiency.

When migrating to the UK, under most circumstances you’re going to need a Visa.

Depending on why you’re migrating, the type of UK Visa you need, and where you’re migrating from, you’ll likely need to provide evidence of English Language proficiency.

UK Visas and Immigration department (UKVI) has certain standards and requirements

Skills For English is a UKVI approved SELT test.

Your simple, quick and affordable English language qualification for UK visas

Skills for English (UKVI) is a UKVI-approved Secure English Language Test (SELT) for visa and immigration applications that you can take in over 95 countries around the world, apart from the UK. It provides proof that you have the required English proficiency should you wish to live, work or study in the UK.

It uses the latest test technology to allow you not only to book online, but then take the test in a computer-based format as well in a single, convenient session at any of our PSI Authorised Test Centres.

Find Your
Test Session

Search for your nearest Test Centre, available dates and prices

The test is delivered through a worldwide network of PSI Authorised Test Centres, so you can find the one that’s most convenient for you and see the price. With scheduled exam events as well as on- demand sessions, you’ll find the best choice of exam dates for you.

Find the right SELT
for you

Find which level of SELT you need, before you begin your visa journey

Our ‘at-a-glance’ view of the visa levels allows you to identify the type of SELT qualification you need. Depending upon whether you want to work, study or settle in the UK, there are different levels of English language proficiency required.

Already know which
level you need?

Want to go straight to your personal journey?

If you know which level of SELT you need, you can visit our visa journey page, which shows you step by step how you can work towards getting your SELT, including more about the test, learning materials and practice tests, preparation guides and what to expect on the day.

Taking SELT in the UK ?

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