Final SELT Checklist!

Final SELT Checklist

Test day checklist

  • Know what to expect – if you haven’t already, read our guides on what it will be like at the Test Centre and the nature of the test itself
  • Practise for your test – have you taken our practice tests?
  • Check your details – make sure you have the booking confirmation for your test and details of any special arrangements – if you have any doubts, get in touch
  • Be on time – we will send you an email to tell you what time to arrive at the Test Centre. If you do not arrive at the correct time, we may cancel your test and you will not get a refund.
  • Allow enough time – the email will tell you the duration for your particular test, make sure you plan to be there for that period of time after your scheduled test start time
  • Check you have the necessary personal identification – one of the following?

      • Passport
      • Valid travel document with photograph (excluding emergency travel documents)
      • BRP, BRC, EU ID card or Govt ID card (only accepted in countries where it was issued)

On arrival and during your test you will need to prove your identity with the personal identification you used to book your test. If you fail to do so you will not be able to take the test and will not get a refund.