SELT for UK visas

Your simple, quick and affordable English language qualification for UK visas

Test Centre Experience

You can see a video of what to expect when visiting a PSI Authorised Test Centre.

But please read the details below carefully as they relate specifically to your UKVI SELT.

Arriving at the test centre

We will send you an email to tell you what time to arrive at the Test Centre, as you will need to go through the check-in process upon arrival before your booked test start time, so please read these details carefully. If you do not arrive at the correct time, we may cancel your test and you will not get a refund.

The email will tell you the duration of your particular test, make sure you plan to be there for that period of time after your scheduled test start time. You can get an idea of the duration for each Skills for English (UKVI) test here.

Identity checks

You will need to bring the photo identification that you used to book the test. If you do not bring it with you, you will not be able to take the test and will not get a refund.

You will need to consent to a passport style photograph being taken of you and a photograph of your identification, before taking your test. You will not be able to take the test without this. If you have any concerns about having your photo taken, please speak to the Test Centre Manager on the day of the test.

Friends and family members

There are no childcare or waiting room facilities at our centres for people who are not taking the test. Please do not bring children, friends or other family members into the Test Centre. If you are a Minor (under the age of 18 years old) you will be required to arrive at the test centre with a signed release form and emergency contact form from your legal parent/guardian, as they will not be permitted to enter the test centre with you.

In the test room

You may not take the following into the test room:

  • Any personal items including:
    • Any written material
    • Electronic devices such as mobile phones
    • Wrist watches
    • Large jewellery

Lockers will be available at centres to store these items. You will be searched before you can enter the test room to ensure you do not have any of these items.

A search by test centre staff may include the following requests each time you enter the test room:

  • If you are wearing glasses, removal of these for visual inspection to ensure they don’t contain a recording device
  • Display soles of shoes for scanning
  • Removal of jewellery
  • Raise your trouser/clothing leg above your ankle
  • Empty and turn all pockets inside out
  • Raise shirt sleeves above wrists

Anyone found attempting to take electronic devices into the test room, or caught using them during the test will have the equipment confiscated.

Please be considerate of the other people taking the test and remain silent during the test except at the instructed time for the Speaking skill test. Disruptive candidates will be asked to leave and will not get a refund.


Cheating or attempting to cheat in the test is a serious offence. If you try to cheat we will not allow you to take the test. If you are taking the UKVI test for the purpose of a visa to the UK, we will report you to the Home Office and it may affect your application. You will not get a refund and we may also refuse to allow you to book any more tests. Cheating includes:

  • Taking the test for another person or asking another person to take the test for you
  • Using any materials (electronic or printed) during the test
  • Copying any part of the test (electronically or in writing) and removing it from the Test Centre
  • Offering bribes to Test Centre staff to influence your result
  • Trying to intimidate test centre staff to get help or to influence your test result
  • Speaking to other candidates in the test room before, during or after the test
  • Looking at other candidates’ screens during the test
  • Using any electronic communications devices


Test centre staff will treat you with respect at all times and will expect you to treat them in the same way.

Threatening or violent behaviour towards staff will not be tolerated.

If you threaten, verbally abuse or are violent towards staff you will be asked to leave the centre without taking your test. You may be reported to the local authorities and If you are taking the UKVI test for the purpose of a visa to the UK, we will report you to the Home Office and it may affect your application. You will not get a refund and we may also refuse to allow you to book any more tests.