Taking SELT in the UK

Taking SELT in the UK?

Skills for English (UKVI) is only available at Test Centres outside the UK. If you wish to take your SELT in the UK, then you can view a list of approved test centres here.

Please be aware that whilst a Skills for English (UKVI) SELT is valid for any visa or immigration application where evidence of English language proficiency is required, some types of application may only be made from within the UK.

Please check the residency requirements for your specific visa type by visiting this page on the UKVI site.

Find a test session outside the UK

If you still want to take your SELT outside the UK, you can find your nearest PSI Authorised Test Centre together with available dates and prices

The test is delivered through our worldwide network of Test Centres, so you can find the one that’s most convenient for you and see the price. With scheduled exam events as well as on-demand sessions, you’ll find the best choice of exam dates for you.