Levels Tailored to Your Needs

Skills for English provides an accurate measure of language proficiency through practical and realistic tasks which you would expect to undertake in an English-speaking environment.

You get to choose the test level you require, from beginner to proficiency, for either two skills, speaking and listening, or four skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing. That way you know you are preparing for, and taking, precisely the level of test you need for your chosen purpose – no more, no less.

Skills to be demonstratedLevelPSI test codeMaximum test time allowed
Speaking and listeningA1SFEG-A130 minutes
Speaking and listening

A2SFEG-A235 minutes
Speaking and listeningB1SFEG-B1SL50 minutes
Reading, writing, speaking and listeningB1SFEG- B1SLRW175 minutes
Reading, writing, speaking and listeningB2SFEG- B2SLRW190 minutes

Reading, writing, speaking and listeningC1SFEG- C1SLRW190 minutes
Reading, writing, speaking and listeningC2SFEG- C2SLRW190 minutes

* Please note that whilst a Skills for English: SELT is valid for any visa or immigration application where evidence of English Language proficiency is required, some types of application in the categories marked with a * may only be made from within the UK. Please check the residency requirements for your specific visa type by visiting https://www.gov.uk/browse/visas-immigration/settle-in-the-uk.